Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Day 18 - Ludlow to San Bernardino

After three nights of blissful peace and quiet at Ludlow, we once again find ourselves in a big city. Day 18 covers the relatively short drive from Ludlow to San Bernardino - about 3.5 hours driving that once again took us all day.... "ohhh, look at that !".  We drove along Route 66 as much as we could but soon had to resort to using the freeway - jostling for position at 70 mph is an interesting experience, and recent road works got Sally confused and she sent me on a wild goose chase in the wrong direction. Luckily we knew where we should have been and ended up at the motel a few minutes later.

The drive was uneventful with a large part of the day being spent in the Victorville suburb of Frost, where we could look down onto an area where one set of tracks pass over another.

The check-in process to our motel was the quickest and most painless so far...although we're in an area that is not favoured by the rich and famous.

Nothing exciting to report - yet. Tomorrow we tackle Cajon Pass.

Pics from today:

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