Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 19 - Cajon Pass

What can you say about Cajon Pass - a railfan's Mecca ? Quite possibly. As the sun moves around so does the best place to take photos.

We took off and the "B" team decided that they hadn't got enough of Frost so spent the morning there - I stuck with my plan and went straight to Cajon Pass with the first stop off being the Mormon Rocks - probably the most photographed rocks in California. Their smooth appearance and the acute angle they appear at is something quite extraordinary. Putting a train in the foreground sets the scene.

We then relocated to Hill 582, entering our names in the visitors book and admiring the handiwork of railfans and their attempts at landscaping this prominent geographical feature. Some trains went past as well. We caught up with the B team here and they entertained us with their tails of confronting their first rattlesnake, which was sunbathing in the middle of the road. We countered their story with our story of running into a private security guard who reminded us to purchase a day pass permit - which we did. $5 for the permit or $100 fine - no brainer really.

We all then relocated to the top of Summit where you could look down on the triple tracks. Good photo spot but shocking for video - lots of vehicle noises and people pulling over to have a look and then exercising their jaw muscles in conjunction with their voice boxes. Funnily enough, it was other foreigners that felt obliged to ruin my soundtrack.

Dinner at a local Chinese diner, a chat with the local CHiPs and settle in time.

Piccies below.

Mormon Rocks, Cajon, Ca.

53 foot domestic container on top of a standard 40 footer. Big, isn't it ?

Looking beautiful in blue...

One of the curves from Hill 582

The triple tracks at Summit and the fourth track further to the left up the hill.

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