Monday, 8 April 2013

Day 23 - LA etc.

Once again, it appears that this railfan tour is turning into a sightseeing trip and many of the group are choosing to ignore the itinerary and just do what they want - so I tagged along and went into LA with the crowd to see what they were going to see. We were supposed to go to Oceanside today, photograph the freights and passenger expresses and have dinner on the beach.....after walking up and down the length of LA Union Station three times feeling like a lost lamb and looking the part as well,  I rapidly lost interest in this wild goose chase and jumped on a random Metro as I had 2 hours to kill before I could get back to Fullerton.

As luck would have it, those of the group that wanted to see trains were on the same Metro and we all ended up at McDonalds in East LA. I do believe Cheech & Chong did a rendition of Bruce Springtseen's "Born in the USA" called "Born in East LA" and this tune came into my head and stayed there for most of the day "..this ain't no Datsun it's a Chevrolet, cruise all day...."

Anyway, my train was due to depart at 12:45 and time was pressing, but I didn't know it at the time.

Our little group boarded the Metro again and the others got off a few stations down and I continued on to Union Station where I walked down and up the steps to the correct platform, found my train, sat down and the doors immediately closed and we departed - I'd just made it in time. I videoed the entire journey to Fullerton for memories sake then hung around Fullerton for a bit to get some photos.

The others are now drifting back and filling me in with stories of big ships, submarines and riding in the underground.

What railfan tour ?

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