Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 13 - Flagstaff to Williams

Two items were struck off my bucket list today - a visit to both Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon. Photos cannot do these places any justice - you have to see them.

The day started off departing Flagstaff and heading east to Meteor Crater. On the way there and back we stopped off at Cosnino Road and at Winona - which the old Santa Fe called Darling. My insistence of calling this place Winona is falling on deaf ears.

The light was good, there was no wind and trains were aplenty - until just before we got back to Flagstaff, where we stumbled across the aftermath of a grade crossing incident - train versus pedestrian. Flagstaff is split by the railroad and having a 2 km long freight blocking every grade crossing in town while the police and fire service sort out the mess can cause traffic mayhem.

We had lunch and due to the muck around, decided to alter the itinerary a bit and drove direct to Williams, from where I took two others up to the Grand Canyon to see it at sunset - stunning is an understatement.

At 6000 feet deep, the Grand Canyon is one big hole in the ground.

BNSF through Winona, AZ

Meteor Crater

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