Friday, 22 March 2013

Day 6 - Auburn to Fresno

All I can say about today was "Wow !!"

Going to Lodi was a waste of time - nothing happened. Stockton diamonds produced a lot of rail action from both UP and BNSF although the light suited UP traffic only.

After spending a couple of hours there we headed off for Fresno, my team taking Santa Fe Highway all the way from Escalon to Merced. Some intense BNSF action was to be found and the guys were pretty pleased with what they saw - and then Greg pipes up "Isn't that a B-52 ?"
I start to immediately scan the skies, and there it was - on the ground right in front of us. We had stumbled across the USAF Castle AFB Museum - wicked - which was just closing up for the day - oh no.

The guys did some sweet talking and one of the ladies stayed behind and let us roam around for an hour - excellent. By the time we got to Fresno it was dark and time for food and bed.

Brilliant day.

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  1. Awesome blog Erin - keep up the good work. Seriously jealous of your adventures. AH